I was born in a border town in Northern Ireland in the front room of the house where I was to grow up. The view from my front door was in Northern Ireland and the view from our back door was in Southern Ireland!! I remember my only sister and my two youngest brothers being born there and I went to school three doors from home.  I left home at the age of 21 and went to work in the city (Belfast) some 68 miles away. I had to work long hours and return home every weekend to hand over my wages to my parents despite the fact I had rent, transport to and from work and bills to pay!  My parents were strict and demanding and like the rest of my family, I never really felt happy, wanted or loved!
In 1974 I went to a dance with my sister and met the man I would marry some nine months later – my life began the moment I met him!  Meeting Mike was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me and to this day he is my EVERYTHING! He has tolerated my deep and dark days and give meaning to my bright and gleeful days
We had our daughter in 1977 and our son in 1986.  My world was shattered when my father passed away – we had returned to Ireland to live when 9 months later he took ill and died! During my grief I wrote two poems for him but they were not appreciated when I read them to my mother. But, it kick-started my writing again and I have been writing more-or-less ever since. Every time my mood went dark I found writing eased my mind, cleared my head and lifted my heart.  A lot of my work went unread whilst quite a bit was destroyed.
Humour is so important to me – I find humour in EVERYTHING if I’m honest so therefore, it features quite a lot in my writing.
Encouraging everyone else to write is very important to me – it doesn’t matter if its great or very poor – just have a go and if you find it enjoyable then that’s brilliant!
So…….there you have it – a little bit about me.  Inside this site you will find more of my work  - why not visit my Guestbook after you have read some of it and tell me what you think – good or bad, I don’t mind.
Thank you for taking the time to visit, please explore and enjoy!!!