Do Not Linger


And He said “Mary, come. Come and take my hand
Leave down your suffering and your pain
Come and be united with Patsy and with Roisin
And your beloved Tony once again!”
I said “Suffer little children and come unto me”
Your days of suffering are now through
This should bring some comfort
For those that now kneel and pray for you.”
You will not be forgotten for a long time yet to come
They will remember you in prayer
And the tears will fill the heavens
As they show how much they care
So Mary, please step forward, take my hand,
Do not linger anymore
I now take you ‘unto me’
As I now welcome you through Heaven’s door!”


This poem was written just a day before she past away and was included on her Memorial Card


Favourite Son ------------- Ha!


It came – that what we had been praying for,
Then Oh! How we wished that it had not!
We prayed that God would grant her peace
As we knelt beside her bolstered cot.
“Please God, take away her dreadful pain,
Her suffering and all her sorrow”
We did not realise that pain would shift
That we’d feel the guilt upon the morrow!
Her eyes now free from all the tears;
Her heart now free from all the pain;
No more she has to watch the door
And pray he would not return again!
He had taken all her dignity;
Taken her possessions and her cash;
He tortured her and beat her up
Then tossed her out like some piece of trash.
Left her in a home where none would see
Said she was mad – her mind was gone,
He left her with nothing – just a quick goodbye
He turned his back and just moved on!
Perchance we finally found her there
Bent, broken and in so much pain.
We thanked the Lord he’d left her there
So we could be re-united once again!
Oh! How that Home lavished her with love
She grew in strength and confidence
When she realised how safe she was
With no more fear of punishments.
Four more years she lived in joy
With family, friends and staff all round.
She learned to love the simple things
In this new life that she had found.
Her time drew near so we gathered close
Then prayed to God to ease her pain.
Now at last as she rests in peace
Her ‘beloved son’ can’t hurt her again!




The Selfishness of Mothers Day


It’s Mother’s Day and my thoughts were not of you!
I loved this day devoted just to me!
I enjoyed the cards, the flowers and perfume
I took the hugs, the kisses and all that joy with glee!
I wallowed in the selfishness of Mother’s Day –
Mother’s Day - a day devoted just to me!
Oh how I feasted on that special cake
As my children waited hand and foot on me!

Then, in one quiet little moment
I realised that I should have thought of you –
My heart was fit to bursting
As I shed my sorry tears for you.

How could I have been so selfish
Not to think firstly of you on Mother’s Day!
Just because you are no longer with us
Doesn’t mean our thoughts should ever stray!
Oh Mother ! How I miss you,
How I wish you were here this Mother’s Day.
I hope you know I love and miss you Mother
As I pray for you this Mother’s Day.




This Heavy Burden


When did I pick up this heavy burden
When did I decide to carry all this guilt?
I alone am not responsible for this world
And all the heartache and sorrow in it.

Yet, I feel a need, a duty to carry on
To silently try to make all things right
But this I simply can never ever do
Although I try and try with all my might!

And so alone in the nightly darkness
I cry myself into a troubled sleep
Where guilt and grief go hand in hand
And wounding words like knives cut deep

Why can’t I drop this heavy burden?
Why can’t I cast out this dreadful guilt?
Surely I am not completely responsible
For this World and ALL the sorrow in it!!