healthy life style


Middle-aged, married, two children and grossly overweight,
Asthmatic, unemployed, discontent – so I stuffed my face to compensate!!
Cheese on toast, sausages – follow this with a great Big Mac!
Two choc éclairs with some apple pie, bag of Smarties – jumbo pack!
Pile on those spuds the gravy too, an extra dish of Irish Stew
Four mini doughnuts dipped in cream, “Do I want custard? – Yes I DO!”
Then suddenly I cannot breath - my chest it hurts and I pant out loud!
I struggle now to walk uphill, and I’m much too slow to join the crowd!
My face all red - sweat pouring down - no longer now can breath AND talk.
Joints swelled up – too painful now to make the effort to try and walk!
But wait! All is not lost there’s help out there for me to seek.
Must make this effort and just attend for one half- hour of every week!
Change all old habits of how I eat - re-learn the use of fork, spoon and knife.
Water intake - just increase, and I’m on my way to a more Healthy Life!Reduce the size of my dinner plate - cut down on fat and carbs intake.
The booze should go - no crisps - no sweets – and last not least – no stodgy cake!!

Now that I’ve have took this step let’s move this body into shape!
A brisk stroll or short bike ride soon makes my body start to taper!!
And in my head I must adopt an attitude that’s free from stress.
Take time out to spend on ME - make a healthy lifestyle MY success!
I start the day with a small light meal – then lots of water I must drink.
At least a litre maybe two - it’s much much easier than you’d ever think!
I eat SMALLER meals - three a day - and avoid that feed when it’s time for bed!
Very soon I’d lost those pounds and now look with confidence to the years ahead!
Today I give some clothes away ‘cos I’ve dropped a size and I’m getting smaller!
As I reduce my esteem’s increasing - I’m standing proud and I’m standing taller!