hero Worship


Grab your spade there Johnny
It's time to dig up Granny
And return her to her seat 
Because without her here beside us
This family's not complete!

Now that some of us are famous
(Including George and Uncle Shamus!!)
For all the things we've done online
There should be a family get-together
With nobody left behind!

With pride our Family Motto's sung
"One for all and all for one!"
So let's band together all relations:
Gather round the sick and dying:
Call them back from far-off nations!

Fill the press with just one surname
Create a hot and heavy campaign;
Dominate, oppress and over-throw
Any on-line opposition
On each and every site in which we go

Now that we are gathered altogether
Dressed in finest linen, lace and leather
They will bend and bow before us
And when they start to sing our praises
Make sure you join in with the chorus!!

Is there anyone that we did miss?
Auntie Meg, Cousin Craig or Uncle Chris?
We'll get all their names now in the press
Make sure no-one is forgotten
Reason why we're famous - is just anybody's guess!