my Haven


Wake up you lazy dog

A - lying in the shade

You are supposed to guard this porch

Upon which you are laid

I know the days are hot

I know the days are long

But you need to be a-listening

In case someone comes along

This porch is my haven

The walkway to my home

It's here my heart's a longing

No matter where I roam

When the sun is slowly setting

At the end of every day

I sit upon my rocker

And all my troubles melt away

All around my wooden porch

Pretty flowers trail and bloom

Their purfume soothes my sences

'Neath a round and silver moon

In the evenings I hear crickets

In the daytime the drone of bees

Plus the tinkleing of the wind chimes

Each time they catch the breeze

So wake up you lazy dog 

Wake up and come and bark for me

Come and greet me on this porch

Its the only place I love to be