paid in full


A few weeks old, that’s all I was
When I was taken from my mother.
I heard her distressed calling
Until it faded as I was carried away.
To the very end of my days
I hated the sound of a plastic bag rustling.
It was in one of these I was placed,
Tied tightly and taken for ‘sport’.
As they carried me along they
Banged my trembling body
Against the wall and laughed.
To the local Lough was to be my fate.
When the last bubble rose
The stop watch would record
The time and the winner took the spoils!
But Fate lent a helping hand,
A new girl to the estate joined the group
And realising the events about
To take place, took me from them.

She paid well for that – she was shunned,
Spat upon and made fun of.She took me home, fed me, washed me,
Trained me, named me and loved me.
I gave her all that I had – my love,
My loyalty and my protection.
Seventeen years of togetherness.
She grew up and moved away
Whilst I stayed and continued to thrive.
My world full of multi-coloured toys,
Constant moulting, daily treats,
And lazing in a sunny back yard!
For seventeen long years
Side by side – dog and man
In perfect harmony – each needing the other.
Each loving and respecting the other.
But now I must leave – I will lay me down
To sleep the Forever Sleep
To leave a space that no man,
No dog, no companion can ever replace.
I leave knowing I was wanted,
I was loved and will be sorely missed.
My job is done, my purpose served,
My debt to an  innocent,
Compassionate and beautiful young girl
Has been paid in full.
Every moment of my life I owed to her
And I know – she will never forget me!