The tiles fell off and the plaster cracked and shower tray fell away
 And Roisin she went off her head as she phoned those tradesmen everyday!
 The days they passed, the weeks went by and then the months as well
 And all the while poor Roisin cursed those workmen in and out of hell!
 She chose great new tiles to do the walls and then a brand new bath
 When the Insurance Man said "You can't have those!" - he soon ensued her wrath!
 She got her way  -  the tiler came, plasterer too and the plumber with new pipes
 And eventually Roisin's bathroom it was returned to rights!!
 New shower fitted - toilet and bath as well - all painting done like new
 Floors re-laid with expertise ease and then the workmen they withdrew!
 Now that life is back once more to one of cleanliness and peace
 Roisin can relax at home each evening and enjoy her bath at least!!

roisin's bathroom saga


"Is that a little damp patch I see there above my head?
 Or the sound of running water?" is what our Roisin said!
 She was looking at the ceiling in her lovely living room
 Many months ago in the middle of the afternoon.
 And sure enough it came about that Roisin she was right
 And water had been leaking from her bathroom overnight!
 Off she went to investigate the damage it had done
 And what she then discovered sure it nearly struck her dumb!
 (And dumb is not a word one would associate with her
 But that's another poem that I'll write later if you prefer!!)
 She looked into that bathroom and then ripped the floorboards up
 And discovered pipes were leaking not by the drip but by the cup!!
 She telephone the Insurance Men to tell them of her plight
 Not realising this was just the beginning of a long and nasty fight!      >>>>>>>>