When love and dreams collide

Let us take a little journey

Let us take a little ride

Come and tightly hold my hand

As you travel by my side


We will journey through the mountains

To a place that's way up high

And reach the dizzy heights

Where even eagles dare not fly! 


We will journey 'cross the Oceans

However deep - however wide

And we will find a new beginning

When we reach the other side! 


We will travel 'cross the Deserts

Where it's so very hot and dry

And find our own Oasis

And bask there you and I 


We could travel 'cross the Prairies

In some wild but wondrous land

And build that little homestead

That we had always planned!


And if you want to journey upwards

We could head off into Space

And be absorbed into the Galaxy

And disappear without a trace!


We could even journey underground

To reach the centre of the Earth

And create a whole new species

As we evolve with our re-birth!


Or  -  we could dream about those journeys

As we sit here side by side -

Holding hands with one another

Just letting love and dreams collide!