when night time turns to morning


You come to me at night-time

To caress and comfort me

You whisper softly in my ear

About sweet love eternally!

You gently hold my hand

And cover me with kisses

As we plan our life together

To become Mr. and Mrs.!

When the full-moon and the stars

In the heavens softly gleam

We are found entwined together

With a love oh so serene!

You hold me softly in your arms

With my head close to your chest

Where I can hear your heartbeat

As it throbs against my breast!

You whisper words of comfort

You tell me forever you'll be true

And as we kiss and cling together

I declare I love you too!

As the moonlight starts to fade

And the night it turns to morning

My heart once more is breaking

As the truth begins it's dawning

What we once had is over

You left me tearful and quite shaken

You had a wife and several children

Who could never be forsaken!

When you come to me at night-time

It's not really what it seems

Sheer heartache comes with daylight

When I wake up from my dreams!