Where's my invite


Perhaps I'll be invited

I might get the card today

Perhaps they'll simply call me

To ensure I know the way!

Should I go and buy a little gift

Wrapped in a pretty bow?

Maybe they've made a list

And will therefore let me know!

I wonder 'bout the dress code -

Formal or just laid-back  -

Should I wear designer label

Or just something off the rack?

If I get my invitation

Do I sign the R.S.V.P.

Or will they just assume I'm coming

'Cos they've sent it out to me?

Will I go and get my hair done

Or just simply have a shower

After all - the party's starting

In less than half an hour!

Do you think they've lost my invite

Will they notice I'm not there?

Oh God!!  Where IS my invite

I really NEED some Tupperware!!